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At krow, our mission is to make a Positive Impact, not just on our clients’ businesses but also on the world around us. We are committed to:

  • Nurturing a culture at krow where environmental impact becomes a factor in decisions we make at work.
  • Raise wider awareness and understanding among all employees about the impact of business operations. Outline the processes we have put in place to reduce negative impact of the way we work
  • Reduce total emissions by 21% for 2024 & 42% for 2029 in line with Science Based Targets*
  • Commit to the Business Ambition for 1.5°
  • Operate an Environmental Management System to address carbon emissions
  • Attain ISO 14001 accreditation by end of 2023


This policy aims to set out the processes we have put in place for our employees, suppliers and clients to reduce our negative impact on the environment, both in the way we work and the work we do. We have looked at 7 areas of the way we operate to reduce and improve on. (Energy, Business Travel & Commuting, Furniture and IT Equipment, Stationery and consumables, Waste Management, Suppliers, Shoot production, Customer Journey / CX)


Use of electricity to run our business and office can account for a significant proportion of our greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, through efficiency programmes and monitoring measures, we are continuously working towards REDUCING our energy consumption, as Electricity in Norfolk Tower is already 100% renewable.


Reducing levels of business travel is core to our environmental strategy. Wherever possible, we encourage the use video conferences to conduct meetings. For client meetings or shoots oversea, we will always endeavour to restrict the team who need to travel or flying economy. For UK Travel we encourage the use of trains, buses or Hybrid/Electric Taxis. We recognise that commuting to and from the office contributes to carbon emissions, so we have adopted incentives put in place by the Mission group, to help with minimising these emissions.

(Cycle to Work Scheme, and Electric Car Salary Sacrifice)


Wherever possible, we refurbish used laptops and computers and reallocate rather than purchasing new. When IT equipment becomes obsolete, we use a company who offer WEEE collection and recycling, and all Toners are recycled through a partnership ‘ECS The Greener Side’. Any surplus office furniture is offered to charities who can collect and sell-on to raise funds. The Landlord has ensured that all light tubes are LED lighting.


We encourage all employees to think before they print and ensure there is a manual release on documents at the printer, to minimise paper and ink waste. Wherever possible, we purchase food and drink for the office from local, ethical and sustainable sources. Our tea and coffee are Fairtrade and our communal tea bags are plastic free. In each of the toilets on every floor there is a soap dispenser, this is to stop the high turnover of the plastic bottles that were being used, and all toilet paper is purchased from a company who only supply paper that is 100% recycled.


We are committed to eliminating single use plastics from our business. Single use cutlery, cups and serving plates have been removed from the kitchen and we actively choose food and drinks products which minimise the amount of plastic wrapping. Recycling bins are positioned on each floor with clear signage on what to put where.


In addition to the work we do, we work with our suppliers to minimise their environmental impacts, incorporating environmental and waste management considerations into our Service Level Agreements and contracts.

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