The future of CX: why constant appraisal is key

Eliot Sykes, Managing Partner - Head of Consultancy

The latest advances in tech and data are all very well, but don’t forget to check in on your customers.

With the annual appearance of ubiquitous trends reports, predictions for the year and the ever-popular ‘year of the [insert latest tech]’ claims, I felt compelled to think about what might be next for our business’s passion – customer experience (CX). Almost immediately my desk research found claims of tech and data advancements and, of course, the metaverse.

This is all very interesting and not to be ignored. But it also made me think about that ever-present marketing quandary of getting distracted by the shiny new toy because of the fear of feeling left behind the ever-advancing pack. In doing so, we are at risk of forgetting about what we have, how we can use it better, and where we can optimise and deliver greater returns on our CX efforts. We need to refocus and reappraise our data, information and insights in a more intelligent and effective way – but knowing where to find it and how to use it is key.

Read the full article to find out where you should be looking and how you could use this information to create an always-on CX strategy.


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