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Our proprietary research model allows us to understand your key audiences in detail. We assess and analyse from all angles to get the complete picture. Whether it’s attitudinal or behavioural, quantitative or qualitative – we’ll surface what’s needed to create the solution that is most likely to deliver the desired outcome.


We’ll always start with what you already have, rather than starting afresh, and then fill in the gaps. We employ a range of tools and techniques, combining traditional primary research with cutting edge technology – but there will always be a human to decipher what we find and make sense of it all.

Think Say Do Hear Experience

What makes your customers tick?

This is our 360 customer insight model. We use it to understand your audience, inside and out. We mix quantitative and qualitative research to determine if what your customers say matches what they actually do.


What your customers think

We use focus groups and surveys to get customers in a reflective state and gain a deeper understanding of their values and beliefs.

What your customers say

We listen to what customers tell us and what they say amongst themselves using a range of digital listening techniques.


What your customers do

We observe customers researching, learning, buying… and not buying using search insights and application analytics.


What your customers hear

We use tools like Brandwatch to unpack the broader context impacting customer behaviour.


What your customers experience

We benchmark against competitors and best in class across UX, CX, brand and content.


Transforming insight into impact

Written by Eliot Sykes, Managing Partner and Head of Consultancy



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