Standing out from the pack in a littered pet care market


As the default recommendation by vets. FRONTLINE® had been top dog (and cat) in the UK flea and tick market for 25 years. But despite their legacy of product efficacy and brand trust, FRONTLINE® was facing some big challenges:

  • Competition from ‘me-too’, low-cost alternative products- and shoppers increasingly choosing convenience and price over quality
  • A growing category with new products claiming to work for longer
  • Declining vet recommendations due to FRONTLINE®‘s reclassification from prescription to over-the-counter

+15% year-to-date sales growth of FRONTLINE Plus®

+11% year-on-year market growth

704% increase in web traffic


We used our holistic 360i® research model to understand how audiences interact with the parasite protection category. Not just what they say about it…but what motivates them, what they hear, do, think, feel and experience. Because let’s face it, what people say is often very different to what they actually do.

We needed this depth of insight to help position the FRONTLINE® brand correctly and optimise the ‘path to purchase’ – perfecting the user experience to meet customers’ needs and exceed their expectations at every stage of the journey.

Frontline 360i


  • Pet owners take fleas and ticks seriously and appreciate good decisions
  • But finding shortcuts is difficult in a cluttered category with fewer vet recommendations
  • Flea and tick treatment can be a surprisingly emotive issue, wrapped up in how much owners love their pets
  • The long standing strength of the FRONTLINE® brand means customers would welcome their support on more pet healthcare issues, not just parasites


We used the insights gained from our 360i® research to paint a complete picture of pet owners and define how FRONTLINE® could have a more powerful role in their lives: as the go-to brand for pet wellbeing who genuinely understands the bond between pets and their owners.

As well as TV, radio, video on demand, and social, we developed Pet Parent Club – an online community for pet owners. We also re-engineered FRONTLINE®’s website into a broader platform for pet care advice, re-focused their search strategy and embarked on an influencer programme… all while improving the user experience in e-commerce channels.


Our thorough research-led approach paid off in terms of both business performance and brand engagement.

In the first four months of Pet Parent Club, FRONTLINE® saw +15% year-to-date sales growth of FRONTLINE Plus® and +11% year-on-year market growth. Their reach increased 20%, there was a 50% increase in customer engagement and a whopping 704% increase in web traffic.

Treats deserved all round.


Standing out from the pack in the pet care market

Helping FRONTLINE® connect with pet owners online through expertise and educational content.

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