krow has joined the Norwich Together Alliance

Lisa Harris, Account Director

At krow.x, we like to think of Norwich as a friendly place to live. But we know there are many people in our community missing out on vital human connection. That’s why we’ve joined The Norwich Together Alliance to help tackle loneliness in our city.


A recent survey by Aviva found that nearly half of us living in Norwich have experienced loneliness or know someone who has.1 Loneliness is harmful to both our physical and mental health: research shows it’s as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and can increase the risk of early death by 30%.2

It’s a problem that affects people of all ages – and over the last year, it’s only got worse. National lockdowns and social distancing measures – while necessary – have made us all more isolated. It’s time we changed that.


The Norwich Together Alliance aims to tackle loneliness in Norwich through collaboration. Originally founded by Aviva in 2020, the Alliance is now led by Business in the Community and is made up of 25 organisations from across the city. Now, krow.x is one of them.

The Alliance believes that by working together, we can understand what causes loneliness in Norwich, come up with new ways of combatting it, and build a more sustainable and resilient community. It’s about creating a city full of connections.


At krow, we believe we’re better together – it’s the first and most important of our brand values. Collaboration across disciplines and locations is a huge part of what we do. We know it’s the best way to make Big Positive Impacts. That’s why we’re so excited about what we’re doing with the Norwich Together Alliance.

By creating a new visual identity for the Alliance, along with a set of brand guidelines, we’re hoping to build a brand that is instantly recognisable across the city; helping us feel inspired to come together and tackle the problem of loneliness in Norwich.

We’re committing to 30 hours of free creative resource a month to help deliver communications for the Norwich Together Alliance. Up next, a digital wellbeing guide, which will share best practice advice for businesses in the city. In summer 2021, we’ll also be creating content with Konectbus’ Chatty Bus, which will house a befriending service to help support students who are suffering with social isolation.

Our people will have opportunities to help even more through volunteering, and we’ll be working with our partners and clients to help raise the Alliance’s profile. We’re excited about making Norwich an even more welcoming and inclusive city.

Are you a local business, not-for-profit or public sector organisation who wants to get involved with the Norwich Together Alliance?

Get in touch at


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