A corporate social responsibility success story


The Aviva Community Fund is committed to working with its people and customers to build a better tomorrow. Over the years the fund has grown, helping thousands of small charities and community organisations across the UK with quarterly funding and support so they can continue to exist and carry on the good work they do for communities.

We’ve proudly worked in partnership with the Aviva Community Fund for more than five years. Our task is to raise awareness among causes, employees and the public, encourage people to get involved in the Aviva Community Fund and build the momentum year on year.


72% of Aviva employees have engaged with the campaign

2,530 projects have been supported

Over £5.2 million has been raised in total


Over the years our learnings showed us our audiences were motivated to take action when presented with the stories of the brilliant and varied causes taking part in the fund. Using tools such as match funding also encouraged people to donate.

We also learnt that focusing on larger societal issues – such as climate change and the cost of living – can have a huge impact on communities.



Our primary objective is to focus on awareness of the fund, along with increasing brand trust and brand love for Aviva. Each year we reimagine our concept, ensuring our campaign is speaking to employees, the causes and their supporters.

We then seek to define what we would like these different audiences to think, feel and do after seeing the campaign. We select hero charities and celebrate the difference they make in a way that is meaningful to these Aviva Community Fund audiences.



We selected a cross-section of causes that aligned to Aviva’s latest objectives – to support projects taking climate action or strengthening financial wellbeing – to feature in our comms.

Through an integrated campaign across social, digital display, press and OOH, we put the causes front and centre of the campaign. We made real human experiences the focus rather than monetary value, to show how the causes are making a difference in their communities.

Plus, each quarter when Aviva employee wallets go live, we have an internal comms campaign across various channels to encourage employees to explore the projects and donate their vouchers to the causes.



We created longer-form hero videos for the case studies to feature on the Aviva Community Fund success page, and shorter videos, images and assets for use across online and print.


Since launching with Crowdfunder in Q4 2019, the Aviva Community Fund has helped 2,530 projects raise over £5.2 million to support more than one million beneficiaries.

Employee engagement has increased every quarter, with a total 72% of their 16,000 employees engaging with the campaign. As a corporate social responsibility exercise, things have gone extremely well; 35% of participants felt the experience positively affected how they felt about Aviva.



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