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Creating a deeper connection with pet parents


FRONTLINE® was already the market leader, but significant category growth and increasing competition meant it was time to reassert its authority in the UK market.

Additionally, a change in licensing allowed FRONTLINE PLUS® to be bought off-the-shelf in grocery retail and ecommerce from 2021. This gave the brand an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of convenience shoppers – people who prefer to buy their flea and tick treatment as part of their weekly shop, instead of over the counter.


+15% year-to-date UK sales growth

+11% year-on-year UK market growth

4 global territories adopted our UK TVC


Through digital listening in combination with our 360 insights tool, we tapped into pet parent conversation. This community has a strong emotional connection to their pets. They’re committed to making a new pet part of the family, spending significantly on pet comforts and setting up pet profiles on social. We discovered a lot of mutual support too – pet parents are actively sharing and asking for best care routines for their pets.

A pet’s health and happiness are so important to pet parents. Our audience wants to make the right decisions, but there so many options and a cluttered sector. Insights also tell us pet parents don’t always routinely treat against fleas and ticks – often only doing so when they spot signs of these parasites.



We identified that by supporting pet parents and positioning FRONTLINE® as part of their community, FRONTLINE® could help pet parents to make effective choices about pet health.

A TV campaign, supported by digital and print activity, were selected as mediums. TV is a key channel to drive awareness and brand perception. And as FRONTLINE® has the credibility and proven efficacy to be the instinctive ‘go-to’ choice for pet parents, we needed to convey this in the creative execution.



We created a TV commercial that celebrates the reciprocal pet and pet parent relationship in a way that resonates with our audience. By bringing to life this instinctive shared love and support, we positioned FRONTLINE® as a brand that truly understands what it is to be a pet parent. And focus groups were run with pet parents across the country in the pre-production phase to discover what resonated most so we could refine our script to make the strongest emotional and educational content.



As well as the 30-second TVC, we created 20, 10 and 6 second edits for YouTube pre-roll and VOD, plus captured static imagery from the shoot to use within digital advertising and on print items.

The TV campaign ran from April to June – a key purchase period for the product.


This TVC was initially developed to connect with UK pet parents, and it did so with 15% year-to-date sales growth of FRONTLINE PLUS® and 11% year-on-year market growth – a market that FRONTLINE® remained the No.1 brand within.

But its emotional appeal and clear product messaging resonated in other territories too. Our UK TVC has since been adopted by global FRONTLINE® teams and localised for use in European, Latin American and North American countries and China.



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