Helping local causes take action for nature


The UK is home to some of the most incredible species on Earth, but it’s also one of the most nature-depleted countries. That’s why Aviva, in partnership with WWF and the RSPB, created the £1 million ‘Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund’ – to support groups protecting and restoring nature in their local area.

Aviva asked us to help raise awareness of the new fund, inspire causes to apply and encourage public donations – with Aviva giving £2 for every £1 raised.


We know 76% of people are worried about the impact of nature loss on the UK,1 but often they don’t know how they can help. We also know spending time in nature improves health and wellbeing and boosts quality of life. But it’s not always easy for everybody to access – particularly in nature-deprived urban areas.


With these insights in mind, we realised driving engagement across communities – and across the country – required a balance of simple messaging about how to get involved, positively reinforced by showing the inspirational impact humans can make, while also including a local and regional focus that would make our content feel relevant.


With different objectives to meet across different audiences, we adopted a two-phase approach. We started with a launch phase aimed at introducing the initiative to as many nature-focused local projects as possible and driving sign-up. This then led into a second phase, focused on driving public awareness and donations.

Our insight-driven creative approach followed three basic principles: make it simple, make it emotional and make it relatable. Our overarching positioning – ‘We’re great outdoors’ – acknowledged the important and positive role nature plays in making us who we are – as a nation, as individuals and as communities.

“Britain's natural habitat is heavily depleted and it's time to change that. Working to restore nature is a vital part of Aviva's goal to make the UK the world's most climate-ready large economy, so we are really proud to launch the Save Our Wild Isles Community Fund.”

Claudine Blamey - Aviva Group Sustainability Director

Claudine Blamey

Aviva Group Sustainability Director


Working with Zenith media agency and a £100k budget, we produced a social media campaign based around positive, attention-grabbing messaging, delivered in high-impact formats. This included non-skippable 6” YouTube ads, Idea Pins on Pinterest and in-feed posts and stories on Meta.

Using a range of beautiful footage and imagery supplied by WWF, we created a suite of content that would keep things fresh across a six-week campaign – including video, statics, carousels, GIFs and interactive Instagram stories.

Combining both human- and nature-focused storytelling with key stats demonstrating the scale of the problem, each asset was designed to inspire either sign-up or donation by focusing on the real impact that could be achieved by getting involved with the fund.


The six-week campaign delivered over 32 million impressions (more than double the target), driving 13,000 clicks to the website. As of 10 August, we’ve had 115 projects take part, who’ve collectively raised over £1.3 million.


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Helping local causes take action for nature

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