Sharing the joy of pet parenting


Despite their petcare expertise and wealth of educational content, FRONTLINE® were struggling to engage with pet owners online.

How could we help FRONTLINE®  bond with their audience, and make their social media presence as attention-grabbing as a cat video?


20% increase in reach

50% increase in customer engagement

704% increase in web traffic


We used every trick from digital listening to search insights to sniff out what makes pet owners tick.

From how they speak to what catches their eye, we immersed ourselves in the mindset of the audience to understand what would build stronger, emotionally engaging connections.



The takeout from our research? If you’re responsible for a fur baby, you’ll experience all the worries and milestones of a pet parent.

This key insight led us to create Pet Parent Club – a social community that shares FRONTLINE®’s wealth of expertise as digestible titbits, while also celebrating all the joyful moments of being a pet parent.



We developed a bold visual identity and relatable tone of voice for Pet Parent Club.

And, just like a cat, our photography and illustration style embodied the perfect combination of cute and clever (sorry, doggos).



By encouraging sharing as much as learning, we built a go-to community for pet parents looking for relevant and reliable information.

In turn, this built FRONTLINE®’s brand awareness, improving their engagement and reach.


FRONTLINE® saw a staggering 704% increase in web traffic, 20% increase in reach and 50% uplift in customer engagement.

And we got to admire lots of cute pets.




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