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Bringing clarity to global legal complexity


Lengthy and expensive consultations with legal counsel used to be needed to understand aviation restructuring options. To reduce the cost and time to uncover this knowledge, Watson Farley & Williams decided to share their expertise with the industry worldwide.

We took their knowledge, data and proprietary scoring methodology to create a first-of-its-kind web-based solution. GARI (Global Aviation Restructuring Index) used data visualisation techniques to present tailored and easy-to-digest advice on restructuring. This tool cemented Watson Farley & Williams’ reputation for expertise, accessibility and innovation.

Ambitious to capitalise on the enormous success of GARI, we were tasked with building a bigger and better version that included repossessions: GARI 2.0.

GARI simplifies complex legal data into compelling, accurate and easy-to-use data visualisations

GARI covers: 100 jurisdictions, 168 restructuring procedures, contributions from 77 law firms

GARI attracted nominations for being a bold and innovation solution by several legal services awards


Our comprehensive UX audit and audience research – covering site traffic analysis, SEO positioning and digital listening – showed how best to position GARI for maximum value. We identified the prospects who were most likely to engage with the tool and made sure their needs would be met by the tool.

These approaches were maintained as the GARI was refreshed – keeping the user experience at the heart of a more multifaceted tool. Our challenge was to continue to keep the end experience simple, clear and easy to use.


Audience and UX insight allowed us to map customer journeys that would satisfy our audience and facilitate long-term relationships. Lessons from the original GARI were brought forward to create a more powerful platform.

With the new information in repossessions, GARI was renamed the Global Aviation Resource Index – keeping the brand recognition of the original tool but nodding to the now enhanced service. We also used this opportunity to:

  • Refine the user experience for a more streamlined experience
  • Make sure the tool meets the expectations of the audience at different levels
  • Heighten ease of use for the Watson Farley & Williams team with data automation assistance


By rebuilding GARI entirely, we’ve created a groundbreaking tool that will set the standard for the industry when it comes to information delivery and data visualization.

Instead of spreadsheets and complex sources of information, interested aviation and legal sector parties can now interrogate and compare similar and contrasting procedures across multiple jurisdictions – cementing GARI as a unique and trail-blazing project.

While it’s too early for results, the second version of GARI is expected to become an essential first-port-of-call tool in conducting business. As more users discover the benefits, Watson Farley & Williams’s reputation as innovators in their space will be firmly established.


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